During the second intermission of Blackhawks games, the organization has a segment called "Shoot the Puck". Normally, contestants consist of a young kid, two "random" people from the audience, and a celebrity. It seems strangely coincidental that at nearly every game, one of the "random" people ends up being an attractive female. Most of the time wearing high heels and not dressed to be on the ice. During the time that the woman is on the ice, beloved Hawks organist, Frank Pellico, plays his rendition of the popular orchestral piece 'The Stripper'.

For years, this had gone on and some fans who found this to be sexist, wanted it out of the United Center. The movement caught fire when the subject was brought up at this years Blackhawks Convention, and it sparked a petition of sorts on Twitter called '#BanTheStripper'.

Well according to Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Mark Lazerus, the Hawks organization seems to have listened to the request of their fans. Lazerus spoke with John McDonough about the issue, and the Blackhawks President and CEO told him that Pellico would no longer be playing that song during 'Shoot the Puck' in the 2014-15 season.

McDonough, "I think you've heard the last of Frank Pellico playing 'The Stripper'."

Lazerus then tweeted this.

This is a very big win for the '#BanTheStripper' movement, and it shows that the organization is willing to listen to it's fans.