In case you missed it over the weekend, The Hockey News finished their rankings of all 30 NHL logos by naming the Chicago Blackhawks the best logo in the league.  “When THN’s seven-person panel sat down to come up with our rankings of the 30 NHL logos, we were basically in full agreement which team would be No. 1.”  Thank you for agreeing with what every Chicago hockey fan has been saying for decades.

Some may think this choice is a bit odd with all the pressure being put on the Washington Redskins to change their name and logo.  

But, as Rory Boylen explained, the Blachkawks name and logo is respectful, has historical significance and is not a racial slur or an insulting stereotypical cartoon.  Despite all of this there are still some who think the Blackhawks will be the next team to feel the wrath of protests.

Of course we are bias in Chicago, but the Blackhawks’’ name and logo are in no danger.  The Blackhawks have done a great job of embracing the history of its name.  They have partnered with the American Indian Center as part of the Blackhawks Charities.  Per theBlackhawks official page; “(this is a) genuine partnership and is a tool to help educate the larger community and fan base by sharing Native American culture, along with the activities and programs held in conjunction with the AIC.” 

In 2008, former head coach and Blackhawks Hall of Famer Denis Savard made the term “commit to the Indian” popular after a post game rant.  The team embraced this saying for a short term and even sold shirts with it on them.  Thanks to the organization being proactive, those shirts have not been found at the United Center or on the team website in quite some time.  The biggest reason John McDonough was hired away from the Chicago Cubs was for his great marketing mind and expertise in public relations.  He will not allow the same pressures that are being felt in Washington come to Chicago. 

Under the new Rocky Wirtz regime, the organization has been very careful about its image and this issue, shall it arise, will be handled accordingly.  As a whole, the Blackhawks are ahead of the curve and they have laid the foundation to defend themselves against any attacks.  They have embraced the history and culture behind both the name and their logo.  The Blackhawks logo is one of the most recognized and respected logos in the world of sports and will remain so for decades to come.  

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