March 17, 2017
Greg Boysen

For many St. Patrick’s Day is when you throw on your best green shirt and get festive with some corned beef and cabbage and a pint of your favorite Irish brew.  But, for hockey fans in Chicago and St. Louis it marks the anniversary of the most heated games in the long rivalry between the Blackhawks and Blues.

Later dubbed “The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre,” the game between the Blackhawks and Blues at the old Chicago Stadium combined for a total of 278 penalty minutes and 12 ejections. 

The brawling began shortly after Glen Featherstone pushed Jeremy Roenick at center ice and Keith Brown came to his defense. 

The National Hockey League came down hard on both teams after the incident.  Blues defenseman Scott Steve was suspended two games for his actions while Mike Peluso of the Blackhawks and Kelly Chase of the Blues were both given 10-game suspensions.  The league also fined both teams $10,000 for the craziness.

In case you are wondering, the Blackhawks won the game 6-4 with goals from Roenick, Peluso, Chris Chelios, Greg Gilbert, Dirk Graham and Wayne Presley. 

Image Credit: Screenshot: YouTube