The Chicago Blackhawks will be starting the 2017-18 season with a brand new defense in front of goalie Corey Crawford.

Coinciding with that change, Crawford will also be introducing a new mask this year. 

Personalized goalie masks are one of the coolest things for hockey fans, we saw Marc-Andre Fleury introduce a pretty cool one for his new team the Vegas Golden Knights, while his teammate Calvin Pickard is letting fans design his new mask. 

CCM revealed the new design that will be worn by Crawford for the 2017-18 season, and it features the very trendy matte finishing that has become so popular in sports. 

He didn't go too much out on a limb with his new design, the feathers are still there, his number 50 remains over his chin while all the logos from the jersey appear on the mask.

The matte finish though really makes the mask look sleek and sexy.

Check out pictures of the mask below, what do you think of Crawford's new mask, is it his best one yet?