It was a big offseason for the Chicago Blackhawks after an early first round exit in the playoffs. 

In total, the Hawks acquired 11 players through trade and free agency, the most notable was bringing back Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp. Will revisiting history work?

"It's tough to say," Kane said at the inaugural Chicago Hockey Charity Classic at Fox Valley Ice Arena on Saturday. "I think time will tell, obviously, but I'd like to think on paper we're a better team."

The collapse and first round exit meant changes were needed and coming. 

"If you look at our season last year, I mean, we had a pretty good season," Kane said. "We just kind of collapsed there at the end. Disappointing finish, but when that happens, you know there's going to be changes. You can't really ask for much more from a management standpoint, as far as asking for them to make moves to help us win. They did that."

Of course, the team still has to win the actual games on the ice, but Kane likes how it looks on paper.

"Obviously, there's some faces that have been here for a long time, and some faces you didn't want to see go, that are maybe kind of the cause of some of those moves, but it's disappointing [to see them go]," Kane said. "At the same time, we've got some guys coming back in, like [Sharp] and Saad, [and] they're pretty high on this Murphy kid, as well. We have guys that are going to come in. It looks great on paper, but we need to go on the ice and do it."