Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman should be on the lookout for defensemen who can help out during the stretch run and into the postseason.  A spot in the Stanley Cup playoffs is far from a lock this season, but the offense has been improving over the past handful of games.


If Bowman were to make a move to add to the blue line, it remains to be seen if he will try and get a younger asset to for the future or get a pure rental for this season.  One name that has been floating around is Mike Green of the Detroit Red Wings.  The Red Wings are one of the few teams with a worse salary cap situation that the Blackhawks and the Green is in the final year of his current deal, so he likely will be made available before the trade deadline. 


Green, 32, is enjoying a good offensive start to the season with a goal and 16 assists in 21 games.  However, he currently has a career-low 46.0 CF% and that is with started over 60% of his 5 v 5 shifts in the offensive zone. 


Green is far from the possession driving defender he was with the Washington Capitals earlier in his career.  Unless the Blackhawks start making a serious run up the Western Conference standings, they should not be in the position of trading away prospects and draft picks to take a crack at the Stanley Cup this year.


Mike Green at the 2015 trade deadline? Yes. Mike Green at the 2018 trade deadline? No thank you! 

Image Credit: USA Today