For decades, the Chicago Blackhawks would spent the two weeks surrounding Thanksgiving on the road in western Canada and California as the circus took their annual residency on Madison Street.  The circus is no longer coming to the United Center so the long road trip is a thing of the past.


However, some members of the Blackhawks miss the long trip and the comradery it used to bring.


“Later on in the season when we start adding up all these single-game road trips, I think that’s when we’ll realize that some of those longer road trips where we get a bunch of games and spend a lot of time together on the road — we always appreciated that,” captain Jonathan Toews told Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune. “(The circus trip) took away a lot of days you’re traveling instead of going to and from Chicago all the time. It’s a lot different this year. I prefer it the way it was before.”


Patrick Kane expressed his happiness of not going on a two-week long road trip, but pointed out that the old circus trip served a big purpose.


“On a lot of those trips, it seems like where we really took off as team,” Kane said. “We had some really good trips there, a couple undefeated trips, a couple one-loss trips. You have those trips and all of a sudden you’re ahead of the pack and you’ve got a lot of home games left.”


Do you miss the circus trip?

Source: Chicago Tribune
Image Credit: USA Today