The Chicago have a big chunk of their roster going through some offensive struggles, a lot of it can be chalked up to bad luck. 

The Chicago Tribune's Chris Hine dug up a very interesting stat that basically sums up the team's season in a nutshell. According to, the Hawks have had the most shots hit the posts and crossbar, more than any other team in the league. 

While it's easy to chalk that up to bad puck luck, head coach Joel Quenneville believes it means the team isn't executing.

“Completing those quality chances, the finish hasn’t been up to the percentages,” Quenneville said. “Let’s find a way to get back at least that consistency and predictability.”

Veteran defenseman Cody Franson feels those posts could have changed games. 

“One of those posts happens to go bar and in, rather than bar and out, that can change everything,” Franson said. “You hit a lot of posts, some guys start to get that snakebitten kind of feeling when you go through a little drought and can’t score. It’s those shots that make you lose sleep at night.”

In case you were wondering, Patrick Sharp has hit two off the post so far. 

Image Credit: Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune