Andrew Shaw became a fan favorite in Chicago because of style of play on the ice.  He never wowed anyone with his shot or skating ability, but he was endeared by his teammates and fans for his willingness to get to the dirty areas of the ice and be physical.

Ryan Hartman has done a nice job in filling in that role since Shaw was traded to Montreal at the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.  Hartman has more offensive ability than Shaw and he is not afraid to mix it up when the situation calls for it.

Hartman gave us one of the best moments of Monday night’s 7-3 beat down of the Anaheim Ducks late in the third period.  Patrick Kane traded slashes with Nick Ritchie in front of the benches (don’t forget Ritchie loves to throw sucker punches) which caused a bit of scrum.

Corey Perry, who everybody loves to hate, did not look like the tough guy he wants you to think he is by flinching from a fake punch by Hartman. 

Let’s all point and laugh!

If you recall, Perry nailed Hartman with a dirty slash on the hands last April so you can bet that there is still payback coming for that.

Image Credit: screenshot via Second City Hockey