Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has been getting some heat this week and it continues. 

It all stems from Toews comments regarding the Kyle Beach situation and many believed it was kind of tasteless for him to praise Stan Bowman as a great man while kind of ignoring the Beach situation. 

Now a fellow NHLer is going at Toews. 

Arizona Coyotes' forward Antoine Roussel appeared on Quebec radio station 91.9FM station.

"The problem is the response he has 10 years later by trying to protect the leaders of the Hawks at that time," Roussel said during the JiC show on TVA Sports.

“These are words that are not acceptable saying that they are good people at the time. Who cares if they are good people. What we want is for there to be justice and for this guy to be protected. [...] What we want to hear is that you have empathy for Kyle Beach. He broke ground, it ruined his career. [...] And besides, they ruined the careers of the guys of the NCAA, I cannot believe it. I'm shocked."

“I am really disappointed with the treatment he received within his organization,” continued Roussel. "I'm furious inside that the Hawks organization has turned a blind eye to what happened. They broke his career. He must have lived 10 years in turmoil. Worst of all, the Hawks wrote the abuser a letter of recommendation to go to an NCAA school and do this to other kids. I found that absurd.

“I think that as an organization, we owe it to Kyle Beach to have an internal investigation, to find out who knew what. It's hard to know who knows what and when. It's been 10 years since that happened. But as a player I want to get to the bottom of this and I want to know what happened. "

"He might be a great leader on the ice but he's a small human being"

What do you think of Roussel's comments?