The Chicago Blackhawks are looking at making some big changes this offseason. 

We'll more than likely see a new head coach and new GM and possibly a new president of hockey operations. 

The president would likely be hired before any of the other positions and it seems we might have a clue who that could be. 

According to Blackhawks' insider Scott Powers of The Athletic, Eddie Olczyk likely sits at the top of that list. 

While speaking to one league source, the criteria for the position is something that fits Olczyk well. 

“They need someone who has the ability to reach out to the business community, the fan base, the media, because they really haven’t had that,” a league source said. “Who has been that person for the Blackhawks in the past? They really haven’t had anyone like that in a long time. Joel Quenneville was that, in a way, when he was there, but he was the coach. They need someone to control and sell the message. They need a calmness. They need someone to sell hope again. There’s so much that is needed to be done away from the rink.”

From Powers: 

Olczyk could open a clear line of communication between the players, the coaching staff and the hockey operations department, which the Blackhawks have struggled with in the past. He can have truthful conversations with Kane and Toews about the coming years. As one source put it recently, the two stars “probably have to be sold it’s worth sticking around for a rebuild.” The other side of that discussion is that the Blackhawks may not want them to stick around.

Olczyk has interviewed for other similar positions around the NHL, according to reports. He’s been quiet about this one, but it’s never been his way to openly politic for a position. There’s little doubt he’d love to interview for this, though.

Do you think Olczyk would be a perfect fit?

Source: Scott Powers The Athletic