The Chicago Blackhawks organization made a major announcement on Wednesday. 

The team released a full statement on how they're planning to show better respect and help educate people on Native American history. 

As part of this commitment, the team announce that the wearing of Native American headdresses at the United Center and all Blackhawks' related events is now banned. 

An excerpt from their statement:

"As we prepare to return to play and represent you in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers in Edmonton, we want our fans to be very clear on what it means to be part of the Blackhawks family, regardless of whether we can be together in the arena. We have always maintained an expectation that our fans uphold an atmosphere of respect, and after extensive and meaningful conversations with our Native American partners, we have decided to formalize those expectations. Moving forward, headdresses will be prohibited for fans entering Blackhawks-sanctioned events or the United Center when Blackhawks home games resume. These symbols are sacred, traditionally reserved for leaders who have earned a place of great respect in their Tribe, and should not be generalized or used as a costume or for everyday wear.

Today, we also want to share that the Blackhawks are building a platform that will further integrate Native American culture and storytelling across our organization - from broader community engagement and front office staff education to an increased presence within our game presentation, around our arena and across all of the team's digital channels. Education will be our beacon, and these efforts will continue to honor Native American contributions to our society, including Black Hawk's legacy, as well as showcase that those achievements are not limited to history books and museums but thriving right now within our military, business, the arts and more. "

Salute to the Blackhawks!!