The NHL season is suspended so there's not much news coming out of the league. 

The majority of the news involves if teams are willing to compensate their event workers or not. 

Chicago is one of the teams that will take care of it's people and while talking about their plan and uniqueness of the situation, owner Rocky Wirtz revealed Stan Bowman's future is safe in Chicago. 

"You look at everything,” Wirtz said. “You're looking at salaries, you're looking at free agents, you're looking at signing college players, free agents in Europe. The nice thing is, John McDonough and his crew, and Stan Bowman, in my humble opinion, we have a good organization. They will figure it out. On my epitaph and on my tombstone with my kids, I promise you, it's going to say: ‘Just figure it out.’ It's going to be the day I was born, the day I died and, 'Just figure it out.' They will figure it out. I promise you."

Bowman isn't going anywhere Hawks fans. 

Source: NBC Sports Chicago