It's always interesting to learn about players behind the scenes, whether it be superstitions or on ice banter. 

It's also pretty cool to learn when some players have specific storylines behind their jersey numbers (if they're allowed to choose it).

Scott Powers of The Athletic asked all the players about the reason they wear their jersey numbers and one of the interesting stories came from Brendan Perlini. 

The 23 year old forward explained how the number had some family ties. 

" So (my dad) always used to wear like 9, 19, 29. It was always 9s in our family. And when he finished pro over here and went over to England, they just gave him No. 11 right away. And he said, “No, I want No. 9.” And they said, “No, No. 11 is the scorer’s number.” In that area, that was a big number in soccer, too, was No. 11. In soccer a lot of times it’s 9, 10 or 11. Anyway, he wore that pretty much his whole career over there. And our last team, he had it retired in the rafters. So always growing up for me and my brother, seeing No. 11 Perlini up in the stands was really cool. And it’s been scary how coincidental things have been with that number in our family. Just a lot of weird things. My grandfather passed away on Jan. 11. Things like that, you know what I mean? We played the Winter Classic, it’s the 11th Winter Classic. Things like that keep popping up. For our family, it’s a very good number and it’s brought us a lot of luck. That’s why both me and my brother wear No. 11."

Perlini was a healthy scratch in Europe and likely won't play tomorrow. 

Source: The Athletic