It was supposed to be a beautiful story, Brandon Saad makes a triumphant return to Chicago and gets Jonathan Toews going again. 

Unfortunately for just about everybody involved, it's been far from that. 

There was a glimmer of hope with Saad scoring six goals in his first six games, but it's been just all down hill from there with only nine goals in the 62 games since. 

From January 9th to February 13th, Saad went 16 games without a goal while only being able to register one assist. 

Joel Quenneville has put him on the fourth line at times to try and wake him up, that hasn't seemed to work either. 

“If you want to (go by) his production at the start of the year, I would expect a higher number than we’ve seen so far,” Quenneville told Paul Skrbina of the Chicago Tribune. “At the same time, everybody has their stretches. We still think he’s capable of adding more offense to his game.”

While Artemi Panarin has been enjoying his time in Columbus, luckily for the Hawks, Patrick Kane hasn't had an alarming drop off. While Kane has proved he doesn't need Panarin, Saad needs to bounce back next year for this trade not to be a total flop.

Source: Fan Rag Sports