It seems like a distant memory at the moment, but long time head coach Joel Quenneville was fired earlier this season. 

The team just simply wasn't able to get it going and management decided to change things around. 

After a rough start himself, new head coach Jeremy Colliton has got the Hawks back in the game and fighting for a playoff spot. 

Quenneville spoke publicly for the first time about the firing with WGN.

"I think in our business there's not too many surprises anymore," he said. "I was priviledged to be in Chicago for 10 years. It's part of the business, I understand all that. I know when I exited other places, the bitterness, the animosity was at a different level. And here the memories were so special and so good, and the people here were so special to me and my family that it was tough, but they made it all like ... I never [had the opportunity to] thank the fans since I left, but I've got nothing but appreciation and admire all they've done and supported our team and our experience in Chicago."

While he's enjoying watching the Hawks' current run, he really isn't stressing about finding a new job at the moment. 

"It's been a while now since we've been behind the bench, so I think there's an appetite as we go along here to get back into the game," Quenneville said. "I try to not watch as much Blackhawks as I used to, but I watch most of the games. It's been a great race and it's going to be fun to see how it all plays out.
"We're in no hurry right now. We'll see how things transpire in the offseason. We'll have to think about it and we'll see."

Source: WGN