The Chicago Blackhawks looked much better on Tuesday night and started to look like a playoff team again. 

Chicago skated away with a 4-2 victory against the Dallas Stars and saw them show some resilience as the Stars started to really fight back in the third period. 

One highlight from the game saw Vinnie Hinostroza make his return in a Blackhawks uniform and set up a beauty of a goal for Dominik Kubalik. 

Head coach Jeremy Colliton was full of praise for Hinostroza. 

“He’s a great skater and he can use his skating to put pressure on the puck, force turnovers and give our team energy, creating zone time,” Colliton said. “That’s what our team is when we’re good, and we need more guys doing that. We think he can add that, another body who can do that and is willing to do that. I think he understands that as well.”

The two are familiar with each other from some time in Rockford. 

“(Colliton) just told me he liked me a lot when he had me in Rockford,” Hinostroza said. “He wouldn’t have brought me here if he didn’t think I could help the team. But, also, he’s not promising anything. I’ve never wanted a handout, and that’s not something I’m looking for. I just want a good opportunity, a fair chance. With my hard work and the way I play, I think I’ll be able to earn some time.”

What do you think of Colliton's comments?

Source: The Athletic