There’s no doubt about it, while the Chicago Blackhawks are still technically in the playoff hunt, realistically it’ll be a hard task to get into the postseason. 

While general manager Stan Bowman took some by surprise this past summer by trading young sniper Artemi Panarin to bring back Brandon Saad, could Bowman have another blockbuster up his sleeve? 

Questions have been asked about members of the “core four” as they get older. 

Everybody can agree that Patrick Kane is untouchable, some have brought up trade proposals involving Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and even Jonathan Toews. 

All carry a pretty heavy cap hit, could Bowman break up the “core four”?

“I don’t know if you can ever say definitively on anything, but that’s not at all our focus,” Bowman said. “If anything, we’ve got to try to get their games back. If some of them were nearing 40 years old then you might say, maybe their best years are behind them. But I look at these guys, they’re still young guys. They’re still in the prime of their careers. Maybe not theprime, but close to it. They’ve got a lot of hockey left in them.”

Source: Chicago Sun times
Image Credit: Getty