The Chicago Blackhawks had what some have labelled a "honeymoon" period with interim head coach Derek King however that looks like it's over with. 

King's team has gone 3-5-2 in their last 10 games and haven't showed up for two games in a row being outscored 11-2. 

Are things starting to unravel?

King called out his players recently. 

“Half the guys were kind of not ready to play the other night, and then we only had three or four that we weren’t ready to play,” King said. “Obviously, I’m not naming names. I’m not going to ever name names, but they know who they are and we’ll address it and we’ll talk within our doors. We’ll figure this out. … There were only a few bodies this game. We can’t afford that. We don’t have that luxury to have two or three guys not ready to play.”

King believes his team can bounce back though. 

“I think we deal with (adversity) a lot better from when I first got here,” King said. “We’ve gotten better at it. We just do some mental mistakes, right? We tell them we don’t want to take penalties, we want to stay out of the box. This is a good power play, it’s a good team. And what do we do in the second period when I think we were right with them, if not playing better than them, and we take three penalties? It’s bang-bang-bang. We can’t do that. There’s just that lapse in focus, I guess. I’m not sure what it is, but we have to address it as a group, and we have to talk about it.”

What do you think of King's comments?