The recent Mike Babcock firing is starting to open up a can of worms. 

Former NHLers Mike Commodore and Mark Fraser have both come out to speak about how Babcock uses a bully style of coaching. 

Following those comments the Mitch Marner story leaked of how Babcock shamed Marner in front of the rest of the team during Marner's rookie season, the incident brought Marner to tears. 

Now another former NHLer is telling a bit of a disturbing stories involving one of Babcock's coaching proteges, Bill Peters. 

2007 Chicago Blackhawks second round pick Akim Aliu says Peters directed racial slurs at him in the locker room. 

"Not very surprising the things we’re hearing about Babcock. Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree, same sort of deal with his protege in YYC. Dropped the N bomb several times towards me in the dressing room in my rookie year because he didn’t like my choice of music. 

First one to admit I rebelled against him. Wouldn’t you? And instead of remedying the situation, he wrote a letter to John McDonough and Stan Bowman to have me sent down to the ECHL. 20 year old on pace for 20 goals in his first pro year with zero PP/PK time was off to a great start in his pro career."

Aliu's comments came out during last night's Flames' game and Peters was not made available to the media afterwards. 

Source: Akim Aliu Twitter