The various sports franchises across Chicago have never really had a problem selling merchandise whether locally or nationally. 

The Chicago Blackhawks are no exception, especially with three recent Stanley Cups wins, however it looks like another team has become pretty popular in Chicago. 

Fanatics who takes care of NHL online merchandising recently released their sales stats for this past season and some might be surprised by who sits on top. 

The Vegas Golden Knights finished at the top and were the #1 team in merchandising, a pretty amazing accomplishment for a team in it's first year of existence. 

What makes the stat even more relevant to Chicago fans is where some of those sales came from, as Chicago was the city who ranked fifth overall in Golden Knights sales. 

The Blackhawks lost Trevor van Riemsdyk during the expansion draft, while a popular player, he definitely isn't a huge piece like Marc-Andre Fleury or James Neal were with their previous teams which could cause an exodus in fans. 

Do you know any Hawks fans who have jumped on the Vegas bandwagon?

Source: ESPN