The Chicago Blackhawks gave up two goals in the first period last night to the Washington Capitals and were never able to catch up. 

It's been the classic story with the Hawks this year, the defense simply can't get the job done. 

Same old story as the Hawks' power player (29th overall in the league) couldn't get it done and neither could the penalty kill (29th in the league overall). 

Despite the obvious holes, head coach Jeremy Colliton is a positive guy and likes what he saw on the ice last night. 

“We played hard,” Colliton told reporters. “I thought the effort was there, and we looked like we were going to climb back into it multiple times during the game. Just some self-inflicted wounds there that made it difficult against a Cup winner.”

“We’re good enough. We have a good enough team. We’ve just got to tighten up a little bit. These are things we can control.”

What do you think of Colliton's comments?

Source: Chicago Sun Times
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