The Chicago Blackhawks have two players signed for $10.5million a season through 2022-23. 

While one of them continues to be a point producing machine and live up to his paycheck, the other has been the center of criticism for the last two years. 

One of them is Patrick Kane and the other is captain Jonathan Toews. 

Kane had a bit of dip in production last year only putting up 76 games but still scored 27 goals and put up 22 power play points. 

Toews on the other hand has received plenty of hate recently and put up a career low last season with only 52 points and 12 power play points. 

He received some more criticism recently as the NHL Network ranked the league's Top 20 centers and Jonathan Toews was nowhere to be found. 

William Karlson, Mathew Barzal, and even Ryan Getzlaf ranked ahead of Toews. 

Check out the list below, do you think Toews should be in there?

Source: NHL Network