Former Chicago Blackhawks' forward Jeremy Roenick has never been one to shy away from controversial comments.

So it only makes sense that he throws his two cents in regarding Boston Bruins' forward Brad Marchand's recent licking incidents. 

While the Bruins forward admitted after reflection that he needs to cut it out and focus more on playing hockey, some people just won't let it go. 

Roenick spoke with TMZ recently and said he's sick and tired of Marchand's antics. 

"It was disgusting," Roenick told TMZ Sports. 

Roenick stated that he loves Marchand as a player, just can't stand certain things he does. 

"I love Brad Marchand. Love the way he plays, but he's a superstar. Superstars don't need to lick other people's faces."

It doesn't seem that Roenick will have to worry about seeing it again as Marchand has been told by head coach Bruce Cassidy and the NHL to cut it out and it's highly doubtful we'll see any licking going forward. 

Source: TMZ Sports
Image Credit: TMZ