The Chicago Blackhawks couldn't hold on to an early one goal lead and eventually loss to the Vegas Golden Knights in the shootout. 

It's two losses in a row and the Hawks are now 2-2-2 on their seven game home stand with one game left. 

Goalie Robin Lehner says the win loss numbers don't really reflect how the Hawks' have been playing. 

Lehner says the Hawks have been dominating opponents and it'll start to show in the standings soon. 

"Honestly right now, I don’t even care about the standings, because we’re going to start getting wins. We’ve played some good teams and I think we’ve dominated them at times and are these small mistakes and we just gotta keep pushing the pace like the third today, we just got to keep pushing. We’ve got to keep pushing. We’ve got to keep attacking."

A couple of changes and the Hawks will be a contender. 

"When I chose to sign with this team, it’s because I really believe in this team," Lehner said. "There’s a lot of great hockey players on this club and we’ve seen it in spurts in the beginning of the season. I think the last few games have been really really good. Small, small details and we’re going to be very dangerous. I’m really liking what I’m seeing from a lot of the guys. A lot of the young guys are playing great and the core guys here, maybe it looks far away but it’s really close. It really is."

Source: NBC Sports Chicago