The Chicago Blackhawks are looking to disappoint fans and some of their players this trade deadline as general manager Stan Bowman isn't looking to make a playoff push. 

Even in rebuild mode, if your team is pushing for the playoffs you usually reward your team with bringing in a rental to give the team some help and fans something to cheer for. 

Bowman of course is reportedly only looking to acquire gross contracts and help out other teams. 

Not only that, but according to Arthur Staple and Scott Powers of The Athletic, they might be trying to move out one of their best players this season. 

Staple and Powers suggest that there's a fit for Mattias Janmark on the New York Islanders and a trade would make sense and is likely. 

"If Janmark can bring back an asset or two, that’s a step forward in their plans and outweighs whatever benefit he brings them this season."

What could the Blackhawks get for Janmark?

Like a second or third round pick for Janmark who currently has nine goals in 30 games for the Hawks.

Source: Arthur Staple Scott Powers The Athletic