We heard a couple of weeks ago about some very disturbing allegations made against a former Chicago Blackhawks' coach. 

Video coach Brad Aldrich was the coach in question and it reportedly happened during separate incidents and now more details are emerging that Blackhawks' management was aware of the behaviour. 

Rick Westhead of TSN has put together some recent details and they don't make the Blackhawks' look much better. 

"During a May 2010 meeting with then-Blackhawks president John McDonough, vice president of hockey operations Al MacIsaac, general manager Stan Bowman and team sports psychologist James Gary, then-skills coach Paul Vincent shared what the players had told him about being assaulted and asked the team executives to contact the sex crimes division of the Chicago police, the person said, adding that the request was denied.

Susan Loggans, a lawyer for the plaintiff, said in an interview with TSN that the person’s account is consistent with what she has been told by an unidentified independent witness in the case. Loggans said she plans to call the witness to testify about the Blackhawks’ alleged cover up of the abuse and said she may ask a judge for that testimony to happen behind closed doors if the case goes to trial.

Loggans also confirmed that her client has told her that he and another Blackhawks teammate were abused at Aldrich’s apartment in separate incidents during the 2009-10 season."

You can read the full story below.

Source: rick westhead tsn