The Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Vegas Golden Knights for the first round of the playoffs after the Hawks knocked off the Edmonton Oilers and Vegas grabbed top seed in the west. 

Of course the big storyline at the moment is Robin Lehner going up against the Hawks as he seems to have grabbed the starting goalie gig from Marc-Andre Fleury. 

The Blackhawks haven't been in the playoffs so 2017 so the team's veterans will be hungry for another chance at the Stanley Cup and they proved it stat wise during their matchup against Edmonton.

It's going to be an interesting series for a variety of reasons and fans will be treated to a couple of afternoon games once again. 

Check out the full schedule below:

Game 1: Tuesday, 9:30 CT
Game 2: Thursday, 4:30 CT
Game 3: Saturday, 7 p.m. CT
Game 4: Sunday, 5:30 pm. CT
Game 5: Aug. 18, TBD
Game 6: Aug. 20, TBD
Game 7: Aug. 22 ,TBD