The Chicago Blackhawks are moving towards the future as Jeremy Colliton has officially taken over the reigns as Chicago Blackhawks head coach with his first practice under his belt. 

While Colliton introduced some new drills and will definitely have a new philosophy, it was former coach Joel Quenneville who was still the topic of conversation in the locker room after. 

After a decade with the team, Quenneville was let go along with his assistants early Tuesday morning. 

After practice Patrick Kane was pretty emotional about the subject and says once he heard the news, he couldn't stop different scenarios from running through his head. 

"When I first heard the news, I'm just thinking I wish I wasn't sick that game in Vancouver, I wish I maybe felt good on that road trip and could have play better and maybe something like this doesn't happen, just kind of thoughts running through your head." Kane told Scott Powers of the Athletic "Also Duncs got kicked out two minutes into the game in Calgary, maybe that makes a difference in the game as well. There's different things that run through your head as players."

Kane is aware the team didn't get the job done and Quenneville became the scapegoat. 

"We can be better as players too. I don't know if it was really a systems' thing or anything like that. It's just like we didn't get the job done, you know, and he's probably the fall guy for it."

Source: Scott Powers
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