After the Chicago Blackhawks hit the ice for the first time today, some people spoke to the media through some Zoom calls.

One of them was franchise winger Patrick Kane who will take on a huge leadership roll with some veterans leaving during the offseason. 

That roll grew last week when it was announced captain Jonathan Toews would be out indefinitely and his season is in question.

The question on everybody's mind was how Kane feels starting a season with his longtime friend, teammate and captain. 

It's definitely weird. 

"He’s obviously in the back of our minds and we’re thinking about him. It doesn’t really feel like a team without Jonny as your captain. We definitely miss him but he’s got to take care of this first."

"I’ve talked to him. I don’t know how much I want to dive into those conversations just to respect his privacy. I’ll just say hopefully we have him back soon and if not, I think all of us told him just to make sure he’s OK before that happens."

It's definitely going to be a season like no other for the Blackhawks.