Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has never been one to rack up the penalty minutes during a season. 

He racked up 52 penalty minutes during his rookie campaign, and has only had two seasons of 40 penalties since then, so it's surprising to see him already sitting with 12 penalty minutes on the season. 

He's been called for three penalties in his last five games, very uncharacteristic for the forward. 

"Sometimes you want to control your frustrations in moments like that and be a little bit smarter," Kane said. "But I don't know. Certain situations are a lot different. Both of them were in the moment, and then you kind of realize what you did. Kind of live and learn from those situations."

They haven't come at the best times either, against Nashville, Kane was called for high sticking during the start of the third which lead to a Roman Josi power play goal. 

"Obviously you don't want your stick to come up high in a situation like that against Nashville," said Kane "That's something that I obviously need to be more aware of and not (be) as careless in that situation."

It can sum up the Hawks season so far, just some sloppy plays, the team needs to be smarter. 

"I think we've got to be smarter. We've taken some needless penalties. And they're looking for that more -- whether it's a whack or the slash. … Don't make it easy on the referee." head coach Joel Quenneville said. 

Is Kane's frustration with his season coming through with penalties?

Source: Daily Herald
Image Credit: Chicago Tribune