Once the bye weeks and All-Star Break come and go by the end of the month, the talk of trades will really start to heat up.  This year’s NHL trade deadline will be on Monday, February 26, but we should not expect to see the Chicago Blackhawks be major players as they have been in years past.

Scott Powers, in a great piece that includes a lot on the struggles of Brent Seabrook for The Athletic, says that he is hearing general manager Stan Bowman is not very interested in making a trade.  Instead, he wants to see his current roster make it work and considering the amount of young players who can be important pieces to the future, this is the correct line of thinking.

Bowman sees what is going on and he knows that he is better off letting the young players battle for a playoff spot on their own then give up even more draft picks for a veteran or two on a team that likely won’t make it far in the postseason, if they get there at all.  As Powers points out, the Blackhawks already don’t have a second-round and fourth-round pick in this year’s draft because of past trades.

However, a lot can change in the six-plus weeks before the deadline.  Just because the word is Bowman is not seeking out a trade, it doesn’t mean he is not constantly exploring all his options. 

Source: The Athletic
Image Credit: Chicago Blackhawks