While the Chicago Blackhawks have had an up and down start to the season, there's been some bright spots. 

Aside from the goalie tandem which has worked out so far, rookie Kirby Dach has looked impressive during his first full season in the NHL at 18 years old. 

Captain Jonathan Toews has been extremely impressed how Dach hasn't been scared to take hits or go into corners. 

“The story’s been him taking hits, so it’s nice to see he’s not afraid to go to those areas and take a few hits,” Toews said. “It doesn’t seem to discourage him. A lot of young guys, if they get smacked a couple of times — and it happens to everybody — they maybe shy away from the play a little bit after that. But he’s as confident as ever. It doesn’t matter what his ice time is. He goes out, he’s confident, he can make plays every time he touches the ice. It’s pretty cool to see that poise and composure right off the get-go early in his career. That’s a pretty good sign for when he really gets comfortable and started getting more opportunities and fills out and gets bigger and stronger. He’s going to be a heck of a player for sure.”

Hawks' sniper Patrick Kane adds that Dach's confidence has played a big role too. 

“Coming in and knowing him for a couple weeks before you actually start playing, you knew he was a pretty confident kid. But when he’s on the ice, he plays a lot older than his age. He plays like a veteran, you know? He’s a good skater and he can win battles and he can protect the puck, not like most 18-year-olds can do.”

What do you think of Toews & Kane's comments?

The Blackhawks host the Dallas Stars tomorrow. 

Source: The Athletic