The Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL continue to deal with the findings of the Kyle Beach investigation. 

Various members of management and former players are being caught in lies and not able to backup what they said months ago. 

Some are also coming under fire for what they said after the findings were released. 

Blackhawks' captain Jonathan Toews is one person who has left a sour taste in many mouths at the moment. 

Toews is currently under fire for minimizing the situation and at the same time for praising Stan Bowman. 

"Stan and Al.... They're not directly complicit in the activities that happened. It's not up to me to comment on whether they would like to deal with it different or not...... I have a lot of respect for them as people. They're good people". 

Is just a sample of the comments that have rubbed people the wrong way. 

Some are calling for Toews to be stripped of his captaincy. 

NHL Network's Jackie Redmond went off on the captain with valid points. 

Check out the video below: