It was a tough season for the Chicago Blackhawks and one of the main reasons was the absence of goalie Corey Crawford. 

The Hawks starting goalie was only able to suit up for 27 stars and did the job when he was between the pipers, he's a vital piece of the Hawks season going into next season considering there's no solid backup plan. 

Good news for Hawks fans, both general manager Stan Bowman and head coach Joel Quenneville expect Crawford back to start the season in top shape for 2018-19. 

“We have expectations that he’s going to be the same goalie he’s been,” Bowman said. “I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt that. He’s got a lot of confidence. The last couple of seasons, he’s played a bigger role on our team, and we’re looking for that next year. We’re hopeful that’s the case.”

Coach Q also expressed positive feelings towards Crawford's future and rehab “We expect him to be ready. He’s on the right track. He’s close to being ready to go.”.

Even if the Hawks don't make any blockbuster signings or trades, having a healthy Crawford for a full season will make a huge difference. 

Source: Blackhawks