The Chicago Blackhawks will likely head into the summer of 2019 with plenty of salary cap questions once again. 

As of now the Blackhawks have 14 players signed for the 2019-20 season with about $18million of cap space, of course the cap will go up likely around $5million. 

While he won't be RFA this summer, Blackhawks forward Alex DeBrincat will be eligible for a contract extension come July1st as he'll be RFA during the summer of 2020. 

With the way DeBrincat has been putting pucks in the net, the 21 year old is likely gearing up for a big pay day. 

DeBrincat scored 28 goals in 82 games last year and has already surpassed that total this year with 29 goals in 58 games so far. 

With that in mind, Scott Powers of The Athletic took a look at what DeBrincat's next contract might look like and the likely comparables are William Nylander and David Pastrnak. 

Powers believes that DeBrincat will likely ask for a six year deal in the $42-45million range which would give him a cap hit of likely $7million a season. 

Would you be willing to sign DeBrincat to this kind of deal?

Source: The Athletic
Image Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images